Communicating Timeless Truth in Truth-less Times

You know you have something valuable to say. Plus you know it cannot remain on a back burner, and now you find you have to say it.

But you seem to freeze up when you try, and you are just not sure what to do about that.

If you have spent any significant time within a congregation (church, assembly, synagogue, etc.) you have learned a significant amount of content. You know what to say.

But how much time have you spent learning how to say it?

Steve Gilbertson, the founder of HeartReachers, has degrees in Bible, communication and counseling and a Doctor of Hebrew Letters with a dissertation on the Hebraic view of heart. He has been training others in effective interpersonal communication for nearly thirty years. He now equips people to communicate timeless truth in a truth-less culture in ways that avoid arguments and open understanding.

Feeling intimidated when you try to speak about the Bible?

HeartReachers focus is not on content, rather it is on delivery.There is much written about content and what to argue for a life affirming position. Believing that many of us who protect pre-birthed lives understand that content, HeartReachers chose to provide resources for knowing how to communicate that truth.

HeartReachers is about communicating Timeless Truth in Truth-less Times and reaching the heart.

When Muhammed Ata flew into the World Trade Center tower on 9/11, he was following his conscience that was established in the content he had been taught. He was in essence obeying his heart. Everyone has a conscience but the difference is in the content.

Key to understanding how to communicate to a conscience is a thorough understanding of the Hebraic view of “heart.”

This is much more than the Western view of heart as the seat of emotions, as in “They gave all their heart in the game and still lost. That is so sad!” Summing up well over 15 years of research, the Hebraic view of the human heart is “the mind, will and emotions revealed through what someone does.”

With a written study, Straight To the Heart, which explores a biblical understanding of heart, and matching workshops, HeartReachers gives you the skills and understanding to aim your communication where it can do the most good. We will sharpen your delivery so you can speak the truth and avoid arguments while helping others to see their own lives and the lives of others with a greater understanding of life.