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Answers in Exodus believes the core answers to the problems we face as individuals, families and as a
culture that is quickly unraveling are found within the pages of Scripture.

In particular we hold that the foundational source of these answers are found in the first five books of
the Bible known as Torah (also known as the Pentateuch, “the Law”). Torah is a Hebrew
word which means “teaching, instruction.”

Torah contains laws but Torah does not equal law. Torah is the foundational teaching of
our Creator.

These answers are not based in psychology, or in emotional appeals but in the ethics of
the Creator of all things.

What we do in our lives is much more important than what we say or even what we think.

Steve Gilbertson

Many opinions abound regarding these books, and many today dismisses these five
books in whole or in part. Various methods are used to disqualify certain portions of
Scripture, however when these words are allowed to speak for themselves, they craft a
worldview designed to give success in life.

They also create confrontation with a godless culture that loves death and believes that
child sacrifice is just another option in how many choose to live. We disagree and
AIE stands opposed to much of our culture because that is where we find ourselves
when we keep our mission and follow our vision. Opposed to child sacrifice and all that goes with it.

The Mission of AIE is to love God, love people and honor his Word from cover to cover.

The Vision of AIE is to make 21st Century disciples with the love and power of a 1st Century

Join with us in Bringing Torah to Life in an adventure of a lifetime!

Resources from AIE

Exodus 31:17 says this about the Sabbath: “It is a sign forever between me and the people of Israel that in six days the LORD made heaven and earth, and on the seventh day he rested and was refreshed.” It is the only reminder that the Creator did create. Once around the sun is a year, the moon once around the earth is a month and one spin of the earth is a day. Why then a seven day week? Read on and find out more and how when we lose the Sabbath we lose the foundation for protecting life through love and law.

Sabbath and Abortion: the Link


Modern Judaism and others use Exodus 21:22-25 to justify abortion pointing out that the focus on this passage is the pregnant woman. While she is being protected, the baby she is carrying is also protected at the same level. It is all in the choice of words and how they are used which is ignored by much of Judaism and those who side with them. Read the following Both Ends Of the Book Inquiry from AIE to find out why the rabbis are wrong.

Exodus 21 Forbids Abortion